He travels to Peru

Moving to other places is an exciting activity that most of us dream about. Prior to leaving the destination, preparations have to be made to make the trip a free experience. What type of travel do you want to experience? Do you like adventurous and fun activities? Pay attention because I will discover a wonderful place to experience adventure.

Peru is one of the most popular destinations for travelers who are willing to spend their money on adventure. I know it's a bit expensive and luxurious, and no one can afford it. But traveling to Peru is a wonderful experience worth every penny you spend on it. You may have heard of Peru treks or lares trek that most tourists take while in Peru. They will delight you on the path of the Inca Trail with its magnificent mountains, clouds and other ecological varieties. The classic course of the Inca to Machu Picchu is also a great option for some mountaineers because of their extraordinary view.

Exit to Machu Picchu can be done in two ways: by train / bus or by traveling the Inca Trail for 4 days and 3 nights. Trip through the trek means walking 4,200 m above sea level as you testify to sunrise and enjoy the wind. Hiking starts 82 km from the Cusca railway line and hiking about 45 km to Machu Picchu. This is a different kind of experience, much different from everyday city life.

Machu Picchu has been reconstructed for months due to slip in January 2010. She was closed for a while, but she was doing it again and was ready to welcome her visitors.

Do you think of a trip to Peru? Ask the travel agent about Peru's travel arrangements for you to start saving money and prepare for this exciting event. This adventure will truly make a difference in your life!

Travel with your pet

I've always had pets in my home. Many of them grew up, and my children had animals. When we lost our dog a few years ago, we decided we were finished with animals because we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to be empty nest and start traveling more. We enjoyed our freedom … but today, you do not have to worry about what to do with your pets when you go somewhere, whether for business or pleasure. Just bring them with you !!

So many places are now thrilled to welcome you and your pet. Hotels have a dog's treat at the reception, small dogs and cats can be in the cabin with you when you fly. Leaving them home alone is no longer your only option.

The best friend of my daughter is a 40 pound puppy named Koopa. The two are inseparable and can not imagine being separated for more than a day. Fortunately, when my daughter is traveling, the dog is going. I also have a friend refusing to go anywhere because she can not stand the thought of leaving her pet behind. I did not succeed in convincing him not to, but I will continue to work on it!

Hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn, La Quinta, Motel 6 and a whole bunch are welcome to your pet. Some require a deposit and a reservation. When making your reservations, be sure to ask them about their specific requirements, as each hotel is slightly different.

Here are a few items that are essential to ensuring your pet's comfort for your trip.

* Strong, well-ventilated support

* Bedbugs for binding, collar and ID

* Enough pet food for whole vacations and bowls

* Litter and box for cats

* Assigning aids

* Favorite bedding and toys

* Medication, medical documentation and contact information for a local veterinarian where you will be staying

* Current photo in case your pet gets lost

If your pet is comfortable then you will be relaxed and you will be able to enjoy the trip more.

For more information on traveling with your pet, go to my site where I have more information to connect …..

Good luck!

Bed and breakfast when traveling

You will see that the bed and breakfast is a place that will give you a place to sleep with the food when the sun goes out. What's more, this place is very comfortable and it looks like you're at home. For this reason, this kind of guesthouse is an ideal place because apart from the comfort and the home environment, at least, it offers a certain isolation.

It may be a habit for travelers to watch places that are not so close to the beaten track and here you will love to find such a tavern. Though such a great place to do so, you can expect your travel agent to know for a hand and even recommend it to you if you plan to go to some interesting locations. Other countries are only beginning to realize the enormous potential they have overnight and breakfast, and their authorities are now also starting to encourage their reporting.

In some countries these sites are regulated by law, which means that they respect the hygiene and fire standards. Each place varies from each other, and food and ground will dictate how standards will be shaped. In a large number of these places, you will have a choice between a well-stocked refrigerator, which will increase the interest of those who plan to stay longer.

Although you may like to travel, you simply can not replace the atmosphere and ambiance your home has. Fortunately, that's what bed and breakfast has. Such a place is what is in the interest of many travelers because it provides an atmosphere that reminds them of their home. That is why the inn like this one is most sought after an alternative when it comes to passengers staying overnight.

Getting a good vacation is essential if you are a guy who enjoys thoroughly the journey and the better way to take some rest, as well as a big morning meal than to go to bed and breakfast. In addition, morning meals in one of these places will win every meal that your regular hotel chain offers. Would not you like something so delicious to start your day?

Our Christmas cruises travel to Puerta Vallarta and save money

My wife and I booked our first cruise for Christmas after a lot of reflections. Cost, what do the rooms look like, whether we want to sleep next to anchors or engines? Thank God for the Internet because we managed to compare rooms available with rooms that had videos posted on the internet. We managed to look at the rooms and figure out whether we should travel with one suitcase or the usual five. I'm kidding, lying three and wearing two more. The next point of the agenda is to get passports so we can explore the island. We've found that if you do not have a passport and something happens and you have to fly back to the United States, then the situation becomes very complex. Consolation comes into play and probably many other expensive costs that can be avoided. Two different sources have suggested a passport so we will go through the pictures, take fingerprints and be "legal".

We secured a $ 500 room, and payment was allowed what I thought was great today. Furthermore, the booking agency said it would organize the group and offer discount prices if we could get enough people to apply for a cruise. This was great and we are already planning our 2015 cruise that will be deep discounted for the group I and we found that the shipping lines in the winter months were twice as big. Thank God for & # 39; higher status & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; and discounts.

My wife explored our cruise and it turned out to be a seven day cruise from Los Angeles, and we will be in Puerta Vallarta on Christmas. For me it's incredible. I always wanted to give my wife something special and now we are both excited. Oh, and with the groups, they offer discounts and special "perks" as an extra gambling money. Further, we have found that we can order room service and it does not cost any extra. That's terrible because we can avoid crowds and focus on what we want to do instead of getting in line for meals.

My wife and I traveled 40 out of 50 countries and now our first cruise, and we will also book one more. I wish you all the luck and any advice for the cruisers would be appreciated for the first time.

Thanks again!!

Why do people travel?

Can you imagine what life is without a trip? Is it possible? Whatever the reason, the journey is part of people's lives. We all travel. That's the reason for you.

There are various reasons why people travel :.

1.] Most people travel because they want to see their families and friends who live far away. Invitations from family and friends are rare, so you decide to travel only to see them.

2.] People travel because they want to see their close souls. Some people believe that there is only one person for them, and if they did not have much luck in their area, they realized that although there are millions of people around the world, they can still find them elsewhere.

3. People go looking for a job because they want to experience how to work from another place. We must admit that making money is difficult and that some people decide to work abroad because they are looking for greener pastures. The second place pays higher prices than its place. We can also say that their expertise is not favorable in their own place. Unfortunately, they have to leave their families for a while for work abroad.

4.] People travel because they want to learn other cultures. They want to see the difference between their culture and other cultures. They want to learn the culture of others because it is fun to travel while learning. One particular thing about culture is food. They want to know how food is being prepared and how it is done. Obviously, we all love to eat.

5.] People travel because they are writers. They want readers to give the relevant article to their readers, especially when they prepare a story at that particular place.

6.] People travel because they want to see all the beautiful landscapes of different countries. Others would like to photograph because they serve as souvenirs.

7.] When an opportunity arises, it is difficult to decide whether to leave your family and open a business far away from your place. Some entrepreneurs prefer to work elsewhere because they want to get it and it is more profitable than staying in their place. Business is nothing without profit.

The journey is not just for rich people. Whether you are poor or middle class, you can travel all the way to your budget. Some travel for their goals, some travel for fun and relaxation and some trips to experience.

The most useful language when traveling to Asia

From the personal experience the most useful language for traveling to Asia is Japanese. When I was visiting South Korea, I was refusing to enter the restaurant by a nervous waitress who told me she was unable to serve me because of the fear of lack of communication and that if my only language was English she would not be able to serve me.

That was because I could speak, read and write in Japanese, but let me sit and serve. I was able to read, understand and order a menu without any problems and no problems. Actually, the service they provided to me was excellent as well as food. I drank alone, but I was enjoying and treating royally.

They speak ninety million people from all over the world, or have some knowledge of English. English is the language of business and commerce in Asia, it is also the language of Hollywood with its films and music. English is versatile, dynamic and cool. In Asia Asian businessmen and merchants want to be seen and heard in English. This is a question of social status. If you speak fluent English, you are seen as highly educated, sophisticated and modern.

However, when it comes to traveling and doing business with local merchants, Japanese is one of the most popular conversational languages. This may be because many Asian countries were former colonies of the Japanese Empire, and the Japanese were forced to live in the local population. When Japan reappeared as an economic world power, the popularity of the Japanese fleeing and becoming necessary to learn as many Asians rush to Japan to live or look for a new life. Speaking English is more about how to appear cool and modern while learning the Japanese thing of survival.

In Japan there is Wasaeigo, We have Singapore Singlish, and so on. These are very varied forms of English language that often irritate English speakers. Wasaeigo (Japanese-English) (Singlish-singapursko-engleski) often uses crushed and overwhelmed and sometimes confuses speakers of North American English. It is interesting that in countries such as Singapore, China and Korea, Japanese language has rarely ever been corrupted, re-invented or mistakenly spoken. It's always clear and fair.

If you are planning to travel to Asia and are not sure which language is best to learn, I recommend learning Japanese. If language learning is not something you are interested in, English should be sufficient for most of the time, especially in large cities with many tourist areas.

Top 7 Reading Books Before Traveling To Turkey

I like to read a few books before each trip to better understand the culture and the local life of my next destination. Of course, there are travel guides I read before leaving or even before I choose the next destination, but my favorites are novels of the novel. I like to read the stories that take place in that country or whose authors are from that country.

Below is a great list of Turkish books that are not travelers, and some of the Turkish authors. If you're thinking about traveling to Turkey soon, make time to read at least some of them, maybe you'll be able to get your dream trip out before you anticipate it.

1) Yasar Kemal, Birds have also disappeared

A short novel by one of Turkey's internationally acclaimed and widely-read authors who is also a candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature. In this book, the author tells the story of three boys struggling to survive in an ever-changing environment in the great city of Istanbul.

2) John David Tumpane, Scotch and Holy Water

An entertaining book about Turkish people and life in Turkey written by an American author who has lived in Turkey for 10 years. In the opinion of the Turkish people, the author can be arrogant and the observations are exaggerated, but the Americans will certainly be of assistance in understanding Turkish thinking. "In Istanbul, we arrived over Pan Am after midnight. On the way to the city, all the neon signs seemed so weird: Tuzcuoglu, Haci Bekir Lokumlari, Koc." I thought I would never be able to learn this language. " Then I saw the sign read by Bankas and I was sure that the word "bank" was somewhere in there. Since I already knew a word in Turkish, I decided to stay "

3) Orhan Pamuk, a memory of Istanbul and the city

The Nobel Prize winner reminds Istanbul of youth. Istanbul's melancholy enriched her childhood and continues to inspire her. "… the melancholy of this dying culture was everywhere around us. The glitter as perhaps the desire for Western and modernization was, the desperate wish, seemed to be rid of all the bitter memories of the fallen empire: as a rejected lover rejects his lost love clothing, possessions and photographs "

4) Mustafa Ziyalan and Amy Spangler (editors), Istanbul Noir

It consists of 16 stories, all original, some of the most exciting Turkish authors; the result is the underground portrait of the city and Turkey, spoken in an evocative, often poetic and powerful language.

5) Louis de Bernières, Birds without wings

The birds without wings are novel by Louisa de Bernieres, who talks about the tragic love story of Philothea, a Christian girl and Ibrahim, her friend from childhood and Muslim. The story is set in Eskibahçe, a small fictitious village; Although fiction, Eskibahçe is based on the village of Kayaköy near Fethiye, whose ruins still exist; a wonderful historical romantic novel.

6) Elif Safak, flea palace

Safak is a young Turkish novelist, bestseller in Turkey, France and Bulgaria. The flea flea romance is about the daily routines of the inhabitants of a residential building in Istanbul named BonBon, a miniature representation of the city itself, the city of contrasts and contradictions, the city in which East meets the West. Here is one exhumation from Buh Palace: "Istanbul was in heavy misty this morning, and as all Istanbulians knew well, even in the foggy days, even the city itself did not know what its color was, with great caution from birth and thereafter the assumption that others are wrong whenever he could not get anything he wanted … "

7) Expat Harem Stories: Parties in Modern Turkey

Anthology of Antiquity created and edited by Anastasia M. Ashman and Jennifer Eaton Gokmen. The collection includes life experiences of 32 women overseas from seven countries and five continents, whose collective experience extends over the last four decades. These different women describe religion, culture, conflicts, traditions and customs with the perspective of foreign women living and working in Turkey. They will take you to the narrow streets of Istanbul, to the warm homes and the hammocks. If you plan to visit Turkey soon, this book is a good read that will warm your heart to the Turkish people.

Traveling during the Hurricane Season

Many vacationers look forward to traveling over

summer months in the Caribbean, Florida and vacation

settlements along the Mexican Gulf.

While late spring and summer deals are awesome

Travel bargain, these months also match with

the beginning of the hurricane season. It has been recently

increase travel to "out of the peak" of July

and August, when many families have a chance

escape on vacation. This year in particular, many

potential tourists are not sure if they will plan

holiday in the above mentioned areas.

People in the Caribbean sum up the hurricane season

with the following words: June – Too Soon; July –

wait; August – beware you must; September –

Remember; October – It's all over.

What you need to understand about nature

Current Hurricane Patterns

Experts agree that the number of hurricane has increased

in the Caribbean and the Mexican Gulf

continue. Most experts in this area believe

Global warming is responsible for the fuel that has turned

A tropical storm cataclysm that is slowly moving to one of the

the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States. Water

the temperature in the bay was higher than normal and

whether you believe in global warming or not

The facts are the Caribbean and the gulf region will be

they are dealing with more active hurricanes at least for

the next 15 years.

First of all, we usually consider the hurricanes to be high

devastating wind storms, but it's water

kills people, animals and vegetation. It's a storm

which causes flooding, as it has happened

in New Orleans, and the storm strikes caused deadly

the latest falls on the Caribbean island of Haiti


It is currently a hurricane season in the Caribbean and the Atlantic

officially starts on June 1, and ends November 30.

Hurricanes are rare in June, early July and

November, and the tops are August, September

and October. But changes in world climate

show that the season of the hurricane could expand on

include May and December. In the coming years, in July

and November may be considered as a peak. Good

The news is that tropical storms are developing in both

the end of the season is usually weak.

Can you find a summer vacation without a storm?


Most of the hurricanes are formed across the North Atlantic

along the coast of Africa. Then they move west

in the direction of the Caribbean, then they usually turn around

north to the coast of the USA. Some storms can

turn north towards the open waters of the Atlantic

before coming to the Caribbean islands.

The Trinidad and Tobago Islands are located outside

at the southern end of Windward Island, i

these two islands are experiencing much less storms than in

islands that lie further north. Barbados is also

happy that the island did not experience it

direct hit in more than 20 years. Aubenas,

Bonaire and Curacao, are also located outside

the usual hurricane belt, along with the island of Margarita,

located just off the coast of Venezuela.

The Seychelles in the Indian Ocean fled

tropical storms in the immediate vicinity of the Equator.

Although the aforementioned islands have not been seen recently

hurricane damage, there is no guarantee for these islands

will always be completely safe during the hurricane

season. However, the chance of falling into a hurricane

is actually very small – millions of people travel

and enjoy a wonderful tropical vacation.

Since 1995 Hurricane season in the Atlantic was

above normal, meaning more storms. From

From 1970 to 1994, activity was below normal, and that

cycles come in 20+ years. So we'll deal with it

with more active hurricane season for a few


What to do if you are caught in a hurricane

Hurricanes do not appear suddenly, and there is

at least 3 days of warning to a specific, direct hit. Most

tourists immediately leave their vacation spot when

threatened by hurricane, but some will choose

to get it out, or do not realize it will not be

Flights to get them to the last moment if they do

finally decide to leave.

When the hurricane approaches the first thing you need

Do it to move away from the beach area to avoid it

a stormy wave. Hurricane season is nothing new

Caribbean islands, and many wore abundantly

before the hurricane. The only advice that can be

to follow the instructions of local officials,

and evacuate to the nearest storm shelter or

certain object.

The most stormy winds of the hurricane were found

within 50-100 miles of storm.

Usually the island is on the road to the hurricane

Experience a day or two normal activities – depending on it

about the intensity of the storm.

Tropical storms in other parts of the world

Tropical storms always occur in ocean pools

tropics. The only difference is what we call them

storms with different names.

In Atlantic / Caribbean, the Pacific expense of Mexico me

call these storms hurricanes. In the northwest

Pacific region around Taiwan, Japan and Japan

Philippines, these storms are called typhoons, and

The cyclones are given in Australia and Croatia

Indian Ocean. No matter what you call these storms

around the world, they are essentially the same thing.

No one can be promised "without a storm" during a vacation

hurricane season.

Here are some important things we advise travelers to think about. ,,

(1) Travelers reserve a holiday at their own discretion

be better informed about the hurricane season, i

security policies and procedures for specific locations.

Working with professional travelers can surely be

advantage if you need to change your travel plan or be

Notify the security information before your trip. If

choose to book on one of the online travel sites,

You can not expect that you will get a lot of help in


(2) See travel insurance policies. There

there are many policies that match all tourist needs and we do

we suggest you read fine print to make sure it is

covered, and what is not. If you can not afford to lose it

the money you invested in the trip, you have to

buy travel insurance.

Purchase of travel insurance policy doubled

over the past few years, and a big break

Reasons are illness, death and weather. Most

the rules are over 10 pages and you can request it

policy interpretations if you do not fully understand

which covers politics.

(3) Take advantage of the Last Minute Vacation Packages.

Not only can you save the bunch, it will not be even

chances of catching you in a tropical storm or

Hurricane activity because there is a lot in advance

warning. Last minute vacation is available within 14

days of travel.

(4) Always use a credit card for travel shopping. Your

you can always apply for a credit card company

for services or goods that you have not received.

Using debit cards can be inconvenient with real money

have already been downloaded from your account. WITH

credit card, waiting is often put on your account

before the actual charge. The same posture can

appear on your bank account. In other words, the charge

can be displayed twice in a bank account. Can hold

stay in the account for up to a week in some cases.

Once the "hold" drops, you will have access

That money, however, can be found in the meantime

without any available funds.

Private jet charter: Traveling with pets

You can not afford to leave a pet in a kennel and you do not want your trusty companion stuck in the cargo department? No need for care. One of the benefits of a private jet plane is the ability to bring the pride and joy of the family with you into the main cabin.

Despite the fact that pets are often considered family members, the FAA classifies pets as a burden. In general, this means that they must be appropriately secured, most often in the animal carrier, during take-off and landing, for safety for themselves and others.

Before booking a flight, inform the charter operator if you intend to travel with your pet. They can check for any restrictions or requirements and ensure that a jet machine can accommodate your pet.

Some useful tips:

o If you are traveling by car for the first time, please provide your pet at least a month before the flight to get to know the carrier to reduce stress during the journey.

• Talk to the veterinarian about prescription medication if you are thinking about sitting your pet while traveling. Make sure that it is an airplane trip.

o Issue a pet immunization certificate (to confirm the pure health status).

How to travel with books – the advantage and the lack of travel books

Is it necessary to buy a travel book or is it realistic to get similar information from other sources? Usually most people have the main question about buying a travel book. So here are for and against the purchase of such a book.

The Benefits of a Travel Book

A travel book, which can be a soft or e-book, comes in handy during travel. The look through the travel book enables you to understand the customs and culture of a particular place in the world. So you can adapt to that particular environment and stay there for a long time.

  1. They come in hand – A tourist guide comes in a variety of forms, such as e-books, paperbacks, and file formats. You can have easy access to these books, which will help you with all the details that are compatible with the region you are traveling to.
  2. They provide tremendous information – Electronic or traditional tourist guides provide answers to all questions such as: how to learn the phrases that can be used in the place you are traveling to? How to get information on where to live, what to see and where to eat? How to get clear insight into the history of a specific area or atmosphere you have?
  3. They suit your requirements – To access full information about a particular country or region, both types of general and special travel books are available. The e-book can easily fit into your e-book reader while paperback can fit into your backpack.

Disadvantages of travel books

  1. Price – Travel guides for e-books and soft covers are very expensive compared to information received on travel websites or those who have moved or traveled to the region.
  2. Qualitative images in travel books Most of the travel books are in black and white. Only a few e-books consist of color photographs. Therefore, make a thorough review before purchasing a guide or e-book.
  3. Travel books make the journey less natural – The journey can be done spontaneously if more people are asked by locals than by travelogues.


With regard to travel books it is important while you are planning to travel. At the same time, never miss out on reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of making the journey more noticeable.