Traveling business traveler Baluta

Living in the city of Manila, I would often see the sidewalk lined up with sellers who offer cheap things from clothes to food. Some sellers even broke the streets to sell their goods to keep up with the competition. One of the most famous traveling suppliers in the country is a balbu supplier. He is a pioneer of night shifts even before the boom of the call center industry hit the Philippines coast. His usual work schedule starts at 7 PM until the morning hours.

In the early teens, whenever brothers and sisters heard after the call, "Baluuuut", we managed to get up on our feet and run to our door and return, "Balut! Balut!", Balut seller will immediately know that we are interested in buying; he would stop on his trail and put his basket on the ground near us. What we are craving is a baldy, fertilized egg duck that is cooked to perfection and eats from salt.

As my older brothers and sisters sneeze with him to peek into a pile of bald eggs that warm up in his basket, I stayed on the sidelines to starve at the whale dealer we are looking forward to & # 39; Manong & # 39;.

Here is a look at some of the characteristics of a typical traveling balbu supplier in the Philippines.

1. Wrap the round basket

If you see someone in their hands wearing a round wicker basket, there is also a bottle of spiced vinegar and a bunch of clean plastic bags filled chicharon (fried pork bark) hanging from the side of the basket, your brain could easily recognize that man as a bait seller. His knit basket has one handle, an inner fabric covered with a circular cap made of foam on top. Some have replaced a styrofoam refrigerator basket, but it rarely can be seen.

The bike is now used by the traveling bargain dealer as a new lever in his job. For a small fee, he would rent a bicycle every day to increase his mobility and allow him to offer more types of night meals to his clients. Although its basket can not be easily seen from a distance, a baluta supplier can still be recognized by the company chicharon or quail eggs or roasted peanuts in clean plastic bags tightly tied to the pile in front of the bicycle.

2. With a slim fit

It is very unusual for a traveling bargain dealer to have excessive weight. Everyday walking or cycling on a long distance creates a slim body with a tense muscle of the hand. The legs are shaped like a walking or cycling enthusiast. Considering the heavy weight of the basket of eggs and most of its other snacks, it must also have a good sense of balance.

3. Undergraduate study

Selling baluta on the street can generate a profit of 3-4 pesos per owl to a traveling balbu supplier. If you have 40 balmy eggs a day, that would be 120 to 160 pounds. Together with his profit from other goods like Penoy egg, chicharon, etc, its night net income is between 250-300 pounds. This is less than the daily minimum wage for workers if you live in the Philippines's National Capital (NCR).

So, a travel merchant can be an individual who is still studying and only doing this part-time job or someone who is unable to find a more lucrative source of income because he has not completed high school or college. A traveling merchant with the ballot I talked to acknowledged that he was a foreign Philippine worker (OFW) whose work contract had ended.

4. Uli─Źna pamet

Although the academically uneducated, the merchant balut dealer has advanced knowledge of what streets are safe to go by night and are ready for mode of operation robbers. They would get close to the bakeries and / or the entertainment bars to attract the attention of buyers who are craving for late snacks and balutas.

5. With a touch of charm

It is customary that the night street scenery in the Philippines is tapped with a small group of friends who drink especially during the weekend. Bald is nice Pulutan or food with fingers with alcohol. A traveling salesman sometimes will have fun even though you are scared by customers during the sales process. He knows how to manipulate them with charm and clean up their teasing to complete sales safely and quickly.

6. Has the ability to modulate its voice

The traveling whale seller will warn his clients of his approach by inviting aloud, "Baluuut" over and over again while passing through the streets.

7. Systematic

For a typical salesman, he would have said that 'Foam is king'The Balu and Penoy eggs are systematically matched to a two-layer basin-separated basket. The foam fabric and foam and the upper foam cover also serve as an insulator to keep the temperature warm in the basket. They also relieve eggs of constant friction.

If there are balut eggs that are not sold at the end of his shifts, a traveling salesman will sell these egg remains the next day. He would separate it from other eggs by placing it in a special part of his basket.