International travel and your health

This is the time of year when many people travel, some overseas. If you are planning to leave the country, you may want to consider the following when it comes to your health:

– You can not have coverage for health insurance for illnesses or injuries that are cured abroad, even if you have health insurance in the United States.

– Medicare does not cover hospital or medical expenses incurred abroad.

– Senior organizations can help get foreign medical coverage for plans for the Medicare supplement.

– The US Consulates staff will help you find healthcare professionals and institutions, and even contact family members if needed.

– You can buy travel insurance covering medical needs and pay for medical evacuation if you need to be transported back to the US for treatment.

Getting medical treatment in another country can be expensive, and medical evacuation can cost over $ 50,000. In addition, any medical bill and resolution of claims that may be needed to decrypt your expenses may be difficult to do while you are abroad.

Other considerations

If you are older or have a disability and travel outside of the US, you have to consider other things:

– Local Area Terms. For example, is there a local topography (such as a high altitude) or climatic conditions (hot and sticky) that can affect you?

– Your own preparations. Avoid much physical activity when preparing for a trip. Understand that sudden changes in diet, climate and physical activity can have serious health consequences for unknown travelers.

– Find out what you can about accessibility standards for disabled travelers in the country you are traveling to. Also, the Ministry of Transport has released two pamphlets: New Horizons for Aviators with Disabilities and Air Talk: Facts for Disabled Travelers to Help You.

In each situation, talk to your doctor about your general physical condition and the activities you plan to do while on the go. This discussion should include decisions about all the medicines you are taking and the immunizations you may need.

Additionally, if you have medical expenses coverage and travel outside the US, contact your insurance representative to make sure you are covered. If not, decide whether to buy travel insurance and / or medical valuation policy.

More information on this topic is available at the US State Department website:

Travel Insurance – Get You Covered

Are you planning to travel soon? Do You Need to Buy Travel Insurance? It's a tough call if it's worth spending extra money. Are you older than 50? Travel insurance is growing significantly as you age. If you spend a lot of money on a trip, travel insurance is required.

Insurance of travel insurance

Travel insurance covers these basics:

  • Travel cancellation or breaks

  • medical

  • Emergency evacuation

  • Luggage

  • Flight and cancellation delays

Travel Insurance – What Does It Mean For You?

Travel cancellation refers to cancellation before your trip, while a travel break is related to the problem during your travel. What if you or someone of your companions is injured or ill and you need to cancel your plans. This is the way to save travel insurance.

What if you have urgent medical help? Do you think you covered health insurance? Maybe you are. But most health insurance does not cover you outside the United States. Medicare never covers you when you are traveling overseas. Find out if they are covered when you travel to the next destination.

What happens if you get sick and need to be airborne? Or you need medical help on your flight. This can be very expensive.

Did you arrive at your destination only to find you have no luggage? What if you are ready for a cruise? What now? Travel insurance will pay essential items while your luggage can not be found and delivered. What if she never appears? Make sure that you have a list of items you have packed for your trip. Better yet, keep as much confirmation as possible about these items. If your luggage is stolen, you must file a police application. This will help you to submit your insurance claim.

Did you get to the airport to find out that your flight was delayed? What if you miss a flight due to a delay? Travel insurance will compensate you for your stay at the hotel and meals while you wait for the next flight. But what if your flight goes on time and if you keep up the traffic and miss the flight? You probably will not be covered.

Travel Insurance – Should I Really Do It?

Please check with your owner's policies. Maybe she already covers things like lost luggage. Be sure to check the maximum amount of coverage because it may be limited to your payout. Check your health insurance and find out what is covered when traveling far from home. Make sure you are covered when traveling overseas. Finally, check your credit card coverage. Some credit cards will provide a limited amount of insurance if the trip is booked with their credit card. If you have a credit card, check with their coverage. They may have better coverage if you travel with them. But credit cards may not cover airlifted back home. Health insurance and credit cards do not usually cover emergency travel.

Once you decide you need travel insurance, read fine print. Make sure there are time-limits on how to buy your insurance before your trip. Find out if the entire length of the trip is covered. Make sure your destination is covered. If the government warns you not to visit a particular country, you may not be covered if you go there.

What if you get sick? Make sure you include all the medicines you are currently taking. If you do not, you can undo the rules. What if a family member breaks home and want to shorten the trip. Most travel insurance policies do not cover this unless it is death in the family. There is an option called "cancel for any reason". If you have older relatives at home, you may want to consider this option for peace. This would allow you to shorten your way and return home for any reason. Even if you change your mind and decide not to go.

Check the tiny print and decide if the purchase of travel insurance is the right thing for you. You may be glad you did this!

Some common mistakes about a business trip

Whenever you encounter a business traveler walking around the airport, there are many thoughts that go beyond your mind. Allow me to warn you, many of them may be wrong.

Business travelers face many challenges. Always struggling with time, they always move from one airport to another, grabbing one flight to another. Lack of sleep, longer than expected time and sometimes skipping times is what many travelers can say about their travels. Of course, it is not easy to catch up with such a routine and only the hardest to survive.

The journey is faced with many delusions. Here are some of the first.

1. It's always a pleasure

Typically, whenever you hear about business travelers, many people think this trip is just a pleasure. Of course, the only thing I can think about at this time is a paid trip, a free trip to the plane and all the other costs.

It is true that most companies pay for the whole trip. However, this is much more than free meals and stay in luxury hotels. A business traveler often has to sacrifice a lot of free time to meet deadlines and fulfill tasks.

2. Travel in style

It is true that business travelers have a charismatic personality, and no matter how insignificant they are, they always travel in style. But the style definition for many is quite different. When you are thinking of business travelers, you are automatically inclined to think of traveling through luxury classrooms of aviation companies and staying in short-term hotels.

It is true that many businesses can not afford it. Many business travelers usually go through the economic class and stay in budget hotels.

3. Formal clothing

It was always desirable to come to a meeting in search of the best results. However, luggage constraints can often make it difficult to wear the best suits in a foreign country for business meetings. Great relief is what business people around the world understand this limit.

So, the next time you want to spot a passenger, they do not always have to be in the suit to qualify as one. Well dressed pair of pants and shirts would do just as good a job. Suit is no longer a qualifying criterion to be an entrepreneur.

4. A lot of work has been done

Of course, the trip is planned to be completed. However, that is not always the case. Business travel may not always be as successful as the company planned.

Sometimes business travel means that a job can not actually be done. However, this journey can open up more paths for future successes. Traveling can keep you busy but the company may not get the results you want.

Tips for safe travel for young people

Travel overseas, student travel, security and travel planning

It is no secret that when young people are having a break with their friends, alcohol consumption is high, and entertainment is a primary past. However, with the unhappy tragedy of the death of Natalee Holloway while on vacation in Aruba, it is important for young people to be safe while traveling. Irresponsible drinking is not only the question of unsafe journeys; There are several tips for a safe journey that you must keep in mind during your vacation to ensure your safety.

Whether you are traveling to Paris, spending spring breaks on South Padre Island in Texas or on the summer road trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, it's important to always be safe and aware of the environment. By following just a few small travel tips and having a few things in mind, you can make sure your vacation is smooth and fun.

Basic tips for safe travel:

Knowing your boundaries

Mamurluk is not the only thing you have to worry about while having fun; Drinking alcoholic beverages can lead to darkening, alcohol poisoning, and even worse – to death. The most important thing, however, is that alcohol deceives your judgment and makes bad situations and decisions in the right. Try to track the consumption of alcohol and the alcohol consumption of those who travel with you. This brings me to another rule: Buddy System.

Buddy system

Do you remember those afternoon friends checking in at the local pool? Buddy system, he is tried and true and works. Wherever you go with your friends, whether it is a bar, a club, a beach or a party, follow each other. Try to stay together together. Really, this is not always happening and people are getting separated. If you split or decide to go your way, what's not recommended, try to sign up with each other at least every hour. Also, plan ahead of the meeting place if you can not find each other. It is important to stay with friends or always near them. For boys, if you are in a fight, you have your friends to help you. For girls, if you receive unwanted sexual efforts, your ladies are here to help you with unwanted situations.

Do not take sweets from aliens

When young people are resting, they get together, entertain and meet new people. You have to be careful with strangers and you should not trust anyone. Beware of what they offer you; there is a lot of scam artists out there. For women, if a man buys a drink, you need to be aware of the fact that he or she may try to be drugged or if you buy excessive amounts of drinks so that you may have tried to drink and use you. Do not sound like it is EVER drawn to bring you, but you need to be aware of the possibilities and be careful in trusting the people you just met. The most important thing, however, is to never leave yourself with someone you've just met and never give them a number in the hotel room.

Think about the consequences

To risk letting you sound like my mother, you really have to think about the consequences of your actions. They should be kept in mind, especially when traveling abroad.

Travel Abroad and Student Travel TipsGet to know the rules, customs and laws

Every year more than 2,500 Americans are arrested abroad, and more than one third of those arrests are linked to drug and student travel. Simply because he legally smokes a marijuana in Amsterdam does not mean he is legally taken with him to Germany. When traveling overseas, it is important to be fully aware of the rules, customs and laws that are related to the countries you visit. Young people and students are usually arrested because they are drunk in public areas and because of drunk driving; This is commonplace not only for people traveling overseas, but also for students who go to the United States. If you're in trouble while traveling overseas, contact the local US Embassy.

Impression dress

Theft is another common vacation accident. Leave the bling at home, do not carry excessive amounts of money and do not make unnecessary credit cards. Beautiful dress, wearing Rolex and flashing your cash cries steal from me. In case the items are stolen, you need to make two copies of the passport ID before leaving. This will help you swiftly pass a passport if it is lost or stolen. Leave one copy in the hotel room and the other one back home with someone who is easily contacted.

Travel tips:Plan ahead

Before you travel, you need to plan ahead and design a travel itinerary that should include the ways you travel and where you will be staying. A travel plan should be given to someone who does not go in the way to know where you are at any moment in case something goes wrong.


It seems logical to get a car up before leaving the road; However, this is a step that is often overlooked. Before going on a trip, drive a car to a local car shop and tell him to check it out, replace the oil, and check the tire pressure. It is also recommended that you have access to AAA or another emergency service if something goes wrong.

And the last one does not pick up hitchhiking. It's not 1960's and is no longer safe. The houses should be fun, and keeping in mind these few tips for safe travel, you can make sure they stay that way.

Custom Travel Adapter – Ideal Corporate Gifts

Most professionals, executives, business owners, office workers, e.t.c, have traveled from one country to another for business transactions, meetings, seminars, workshops and other business functions at the same time or another. As they travel to different land-based travel, their phones, laptops, and other electronic devices are always with them to be in touch with business partners and are in the business.

Telephones, laptops are also essential gadgets that are a mandatory package when you are on business trips. There is nothing terrible about watching a phone or laptop with low battery power and premature shutdown when you have important business phone calls, want to navigate your destination using Google Maps, or have other very important things to do with your phone. That is why the passenger adapter must be used when you want to embark on a trip.

What is a Travel Adapter

Driving adapter is not an electric converter; it is a connector that allows the use of electrical devices of different types of plugs in different countries. It simply connects the different types of plugs with the wall sockets of different countries. This means that you can also connect electrical devices with different types of plugs to the wall outlet of the other country.

Different countries and regions have different wall sockets and socket types, so it is recommended that the travel adapter be carried with you each time you travel to another country. Some of them also have USB ports where you can charge your phones, tablets, and some other USB devices.

Why travel adapters are the ideal corporate gifts

Owners of companies, business owners, executives and other experts usually travel from one country to another. They have to charge and include their various electronic devices and are therefore the ideal corporate gifts that companies and businesses can give as gift items.

Travel adapters come in different shapes and colors, so it is best to get those that have sockets that are compatible with your various electronic devices. Different countries and continents have different types of connections such as A, B, C, D and so on. For example, America has plug type A, Canada has type A, European countries have plug type C.

Custom travel adapters

Adapters can be tailored to your needs and make it different from other adapters. This is to provide a unique look and customize it for personal use and pleasure.

Assuming you have two phones and two tablets that you need to recharge at the same time, there are customizable adapters that perfectly match your need. These are the adapters that allow you to simultaneously charge two phones, two tablets and other electronic devices at the same time. Simultaneous charging of all devices may reduce the power distribution to each device, which will prolong charging time.

Benefits of using custom travel adapters

1. To charge the phone during travel – Allows you to charge your phone while traveling regardless of the country you are traveling to. You do not have to worry about whether the wall outlet in the country you are traveling will be compatible with the country you are coming from. With a custom travel adapter, you can charge different phones at the same time, saving time.

2. To charge your laptop during travel – Allow you to charge your laptop in any country you travel. Laptop is one of the most important things a businessman or executive director travels with because he has to always be in the job. So using a custom travel adapter will give you a guarantee that you will not have to lose track of the work due to the low battery of your laptop.

3. To fill tablets – Apart from charging your phone and laptop, you can also charge your tablets. There are many sales outlets where you can plug your pills together with phones and laptops.

4. Electric shaver power supply – As a businessman who goes on a business trip that will last for weeks, the electric shaver is a personal trait that you should not forget to take with you. This is where the custom travel adapter is of great importance because you will have to power your electric shaver or charge it when needed. Regardless of the country you are traveling to, the custom travel adapter is what you need to carry with you to allow you to power or charge the electric shaver.

5. To charge digital cameras – As a tourist going to a vacation or a businessman who goes to a business seminar, a digital camera is what you need to take with you to catch every moment. You also need a custom travel adapter that allows you to charge or power a digital camera when needed. With the Travel Adapter, you can charge your digital camera anywhere in the country you're traveling to.

Things to consider

The Travel Adapter is not a converter or transformer, so there are two important things you should consider when traveling to other countries so that you do not end up destroying your phones and other devices. These two important things need to be taken into account;

1. Current – The two main standards for electricity are DC (DC) and alternating current (AC). Some countries use DC while other countries use alternating current, so you need to check if your devices are compatible with the electrical power of the countries you visit to avoid damage.

2. Voltage – There are several different electrical voltage standards for different countries. The most common are the US standard 110 / 120V and European countries of 220 / 240V. This way, check the voltage that your devices are compatible to avoid damaging your device.

Traveling with aircraft charter service

Chartering a charter plane offers many wonderful amenities for the traveler. There is a reason why rich and famous want to fly by executive aircraft. However, with the aircraft charter service, there are no property related costs. Instead, travelers can simply enjoy the rewards and have no headaches.

Deciding for the moment of take-off comes with inherent ease, the passenger just says when he needs to be ready. When they arrive, the plane goes off. It's simple. The same is the choice of destination. Aircraft charter service can offer over 5,000 airports in the United States as a destination, as opposed to just 500 for commercial airline companies. That means your charter can allow you to cool off in places such as Santa Fe and Martha's Vineyard, where commercial airline companies do not go.

Aircraft charter service is also a great way to travel with a group, even if the group is just a family. There is no break or connection, so everyone will come to the same place at the same time. There is no way anyone loses in the way. There is also no chance of leaving someone behind, the aircraft does not leave until they get the green light of passengers. Also, only guests are invited on board so anyone can talk about what they like in private business or in bullying.

Then, there are all the beautiful features of flying on a private plane. There's no time losing in a crowded airport or early hours just to log in, go through security and get to the door in time. Without a cancellation, if there is a problem, the airline charter service will get another plane. During the flight there is a customized entertainment and refreshment. The seats are wide and have plenty of room for the feet. The company on board is the one who has been called, without the baby crying or chattering the seat, unless someone brings them. Aircraft charter flights would not even start comparing and confronting air carriers. The flight will be final when it comes to comfort.

All these chartering deals should convince someone to use their charter for the next trip.

He travels to London, England

England is the country of the English speaking area that makes it easy to navigate through the city. However, there are some other differences that you should know about what will make your trip more enjoyable.

Ordering breakfast can be a challenge when you look at some terminological differences. Eating eggs over will easily give you an empty look. You have to order eggs "lightly cooked" if you want them easier. If you order a ham with your eggs, you will get a cold lunch of meat. You have to order bacon to get fried prosciutto. Also be prepared to get roasted beans with your breakfast as well as French frys. These are the usual meals with a breakfast order.

As you probably know, drivers in England drive on the opposite side of the road from Americans or most other countries. This is a bit more tedious then someone can think. If you are a pedestrian, you must first go to the opposite side. I had many horns while I was looking in the wrong direction and trying to cross. In London, the correct viewing direction written on the sidewalk is very useful.

Taxi drivers in London are a special group. Cab ride is a family tradition and many families have more generations behind the steering wheel. Before anyone can get a taxi license, one must drive to London for two years on a motorcycle that teaches the road. So it is unnecessary to say that taxi drivers in London can take you wherever you want and fast.

The British pound is worth twice the value of the US dollar at this time. When you spend 5 pounds it's like spending $ 10.

Travel information:

For two weeks on US highways there are more deaths in traffic, and after 10 years broadcasting is coming.

For international travel, consider buying a currency in the US bank before going on a trip. You'll probably get a better course.

Always print your passcode on your home computer before going on the trip to avoid a line at the airport ticket desk.

When returning, use the hotel business center to print the boarding pass. The embarkation passes can be printed within 24 hours of your planned departure.

Many aviation companies have abolished the meal service, especially for short flights. You may want to bring some snacks, such as protein bars to get from getting hungry.

For long flights it is always good to bring some things that will occupy your mind. Books, Portable DVD Players etc. Time will go faster.

The security of the airport is similar throughout the world. Liquids must fit into a 4 oz plastic bag. You have to put a plastic bag in the security door. It should go without exposure, but you can not bring a knife or any other weapon through security. Take out all your metal pockets. Prepare your image document and check-in card at the checkpoint. Shoes must come out to pass through safety and do not bring water into bottles or any other liquid.

Where can I find a route when traveling?

Nothing is better than an intuitive feeling that says, "I know exactly where I'm going." Unfortunately, we're just not programmable, like robots. We can not simply take instructions in our brain to store them forever, so we rely on maps. Over the years, mapping has become much more than street maps and the function of road atlas. Today we use internet maps to let us know about local businesses, news, weather, traffic, and more.

Google Maps has become a choice template for numerous local food charts. In Menurequest you can draw a restaurant on your city map, as well as read / write reviews, book and receive driving directions. In Philadelphia, Communitywalk is an incredible source for local event organizers who want to invite numerous nearby restaurants to participate.

At Toeat Hotel you will find numerous dining options in your neighborhood. In larger cities such as NY, Paris, Bangkok and Chicago you will find roast products at Yummybaguette. Or you may need to fix the burritophil. Drinks can be appreciated by Wineandtimes, which helps to plan a winery visit, as well as Drinktown, which allows you to get acquainted with all the local specialties for drinks.

Of course, Google Maps are not the only "combine manufacturer" in the block. Numerous non-Google apps have appeared to serve a wide range of functions. For example, if you live on the fault line, visit Lerdorf, because you can appreciate the "earthquake map in real-time". If you are looking for nearby bloggers, movie projections, gas prices or driving directions, then you can see the Atlas (based on the MSN Earth platform) in Atlas Freshlogicstudios.

One of the most popular mapping sites is Flickr, where amateur photographers can share their pictures and create maps of their favorite places, people and things. The readers gave delighted criticism to Gutenkarte, where luminous lovers can read full books (such as Jules Verne's "About the World for 80 Days"), chapter by chapter, while reviewing the map of locations discussed in the book. If you prefer fiction news, do not miss the world and local news at Mappedup or Poly9 Viavirtualearth (where MSNBC news stories are charted!)

You can find instructions on a computer, GPS device, or even on a cell phone. The trend is that developers find ways to bring you online maps, no matter where you are. For example, if you lose somewhere with little time to compensate, you will never be afraid: Loki can track your location by satellite and send you a map to your next location on your mobile phone. The phone number, from iPhone to Android G1, is made available by MapQuest, Google Maps, and Yahoo Maps technology when you're on the move.

Choose a pet hotel and other travel tips

If you are going to put yourself on an unforgettable vacation, do not forget to take pets with you! Now you can easily travel with pets. We will share some ideas and tips to help you prepare for your journey in a short time.

Packing Extra Covers
If traveling by car, be sure to pack additional covers. You can use them to prepare a palette where your pet will sleep in the floorboard. If he travels over a pet, then he will give a cushion. This will keep them relaxed and comfortable during transportation.

Wear extra snacks
Just like people, your pet will need a snack. Not only does it give them something to enjoy during long journeys, but will also help them become too hungry and concerned. A small chewing bone will also keep them busy.

Wear extra toys
With the chewing bone, consider bringing a few toy. You can replace your toys to keep them busy for several hours at a time. You can also find toys that are bone-borne puzzles, where they have a companion inside. Your pet will most likely spend the appropriate time trying to get a treat. It's a great life saver for those long driving cars.

Check with your doctor
One thing that many people do not consider is whether or not their pet will be traveling friendly. Yeah, even animals can be sick. There are several products on the market that you can buy for help. Your veterinarian should be able to give you the best one to do for your pet. This is a huge life saver to travel in higher heights or curvy roads.

Make time for the pit
Taking the time for your pet to walk around and stretch it will give them enough opportunity to acclimatize on the journey. There are many state parks that allow pets. You can get online and find the best ones for the way forward.

Find the right housing
If you are staying in a hotel, be sure to find suitable pet hotels that offer walking areas for your pet. Some hotels will even offer on request additional blankets and light meals.

As you can see, traveling with your pet can be done much easier with little time and planning. We hope your next vacation will be perfect as you combine memories with your beloved pet.

Travel vs. Vacation

Have you ever wondered what the difference between travel and vacation? These two things look pretty similar, but I think there is a big difference. I think when someone really travels, he experiences a new culture that does not live only for a week at the resort. When I say that I experience a whole new culture, I mean to truly experience the places, the sounds, the taste of people, all the things that culture does in what it is like. I think this is the essence of travel. How much culture one person can sincerely experience if he simply goes out for a week and is spent all the time in the hotel. It always raises me when I hear people talking about the great vacation they have taken or planning to take. Not that I would not go on vacation, but it's not the same as the trip. Do not misunderstand me. I would never refuse a free vacation, but I would rather ask someone to go on a trip. I think the vacation time has more time to relax and try to charge the battery where the journey can be physically exhausting and tiring. Let's look at some things that make the journey so different from the rest.

For me the journey can be an exciting experience, but it can also be exhausting, mentally and physically. I think first of all what makes the trip so unique and unbelievable is the fact that you have experienced a totally different culture. I mean, is there something more exciting than experiencing a new culture? I especially like new people you can meet during your trip. In most foreign countries, the locals will go from the road to hospitality towards full strangers. Of course, not every culture exists and there are places where you could actually look down. Another thing I really enjoy visiting a new culture is food, of course, I'm a total food addict, so maybe you do not like the side of meals as much as I do. While some people miss the idea of ​​eating something I can not even recognize, I absolutely love the idea of ​​urinating culture through food. Do I think America would be America without apple pie? Absolutely not! So, just as America would not be America without apple pies, India would not be India without Naan. The next time you travel try some of the local meals. So apart from the unique people and the unique food there are several other things that are great about traveling over the vacation.

Some people use their travel time as a kind of time to seek a soul, and if that's what you want to do, traveling is definitely a great way to do it. It is well known that people have been traveling around the world for two years trying to better understand and often these people return to knowing what they want to do with their lives or at least have a better idea. Also, when you live outside your backpack or bumpy suitcase, you are inclined to understand what you think is really important in life. Nothing will make you understand the beauty of sunset as if you do not have a TV. to take you away from him.

Another thing you can do while traveling overseas which will throw you into culture and make you feel good in yourself is volunteering. Now there are many organizations that pay you to volunteer abroad, and often it is a ridiculous remuneration. So, my advice is that if you want to volunteer somewhere and you are already at the destination, just ask. There are many different organizations in foreign countries, especially in developing countries, who would like to have volunteers, and they do not want to pay you either.

Now that we've looked at a few things that make a real trip and how you can really throw it into culture, let's look at how holidays are different from traveling.

To show how holidays and trips are different, I will use an example of vacation in Mexico and travel to Mexico. First, if someone goes to Mexico for a vacation they will probably go to a tourist town like Cancun. Not that I hit Cancun, I just say it's likely. This already puts you in a poor position for learning about the culture because you are likely to stay in a resort that was made only to accommodate your needs. If you have traveled, you would probably have chosen a smaller tourist resort and you would probably stay in the hostel a kind of budget accommodation. Only a hostel stay can bring you in touch with real locals who are not just there to scam you. Likewise, in the resort, American food will often be adapted to their American customers. This completely destroys the concept of experiencing new culture through food. On the other hand, if you are staying in a non-tourist part of the country, you might feel the right local food perhaps even go to a real Mexican restaurant. Likewise, if you stay at a resort, you will simply experience life in the resort and when you go you will not even have the slightest idea of ​​what the locals live. Additionally, you will not learn anything about the new culture and I must say that learning about new cultures is one of the main reasons why I love traveling so much. All in all, vacation and travel share some similarities, but these are two completely different ways of experiencing culture. Actually, when you are on vacation, you really do not experience what is the right culture. What would you prefer to go on holiday or travel?